Praveen Randinu


From day 1, our counselor, Miss.Diluni Nisansala, gave us immense support since we didn’t have any idea about the visa application process. From completing IELTS to getting the COE document from the university, Jeewa education helped me to find the best university and guided me to complete my IELTS examination. Within the visa application process, there were ups and downs, but Ms. Diluni helped us to overcome those situations.
I applied for a Master’s degree at CQUniversity Melbourne, and I was able to get a 25% discount off of my total university fee. All I can mention here is that there can be delays in the visa granting timeline, so we have to be patient and wait until we get our visa.

Finally, a special thanks goes to Miss. Diluni and the management of Jeewa Education for helping me to get all my documentation crystal clear. I recommend Jeewa Education to anyone without any hesitation to guide them through their path to Australia.

Wimodya Athukorala

IT Graduate | University of Western Australia

Moving to Australia was a massive change in lifestyle as a 17 year old. As someone who just finished school, there was a lot of decision making involved with regards to my future. The support provided by Jeewa during this stage of my life was immense.
Not only did they assist in applying and confirming my enrollment in a world renowned university (University of Western Australia), they also simplified the complicated process of obtaining Visa.
Looking back now as an IT graduate, I am truly satisfied with their service and would recommend Jeewa to anyone wanting to study in Australia.

Niro Jayasekara

Entrepreneur, Business transformational coach, Consultant & Accountant

My experience with Jeewa education :
13 years ago, when I was seeking an agent with an idea of studying abroad,it was a bit of a mission.
I went to meet few agents in Colombo and Panadura before I was going to Jeewa. But my heart wasn’t sure to proceed with any of them.
Then I heard about Jeewa education and I thought of I will give it a go. When I went to meet Sujeewa and Kolitha, the warm welcome and care factor had never changed since after 13 years.
The only thing on my side I did was hand overing my results and the areas of study. Sujeewa looked after me without a doubt and I they literally completed every paper work for me.
Jeewa education is a beautifully created family business , who has the time and the care for their students.
My message to all the prospectus, who are thinking of taking their service, you are in safe hands. There is no doubt. They will look after you. Event after you depart from Sri lanka.
The bonding we create with Jeewa is a life time bonding, where you cannot experience & expect from another agent in Sri Lanka.

Thank you Sujeewa & Kolitha for your great support and tremendous care you have provided to us.
Our heartfilled gratitude is always with you both.

Akila Ruwandi Ranathunga

Bachelor of Nursing ( Graduate Entry )
Queensland University of Technology

I had a great experience with Jeewa Education, Brisbane. I have an engineering background and wanted to change my career as a registered nurse. Most of the migration agents advised against the career change due to the possibility of visa refusal. However, Hansini from Jeewa education was very confident and got me the offer from QUT with one-year credit. My partner’s and my student visa were granted successfully and I finished my degree within two years. Moreover, my mom’s visiting visa for my graduation was also done by them, and it was granted within a month.

Highly recommend them for their friendly manner. Thank you Jeewa Education, Hansini and rest of the staff including the Board of Directors for supporting me to achieve my dream.

Niwantha Chandee Sooriyabandara

Bachelor of Commerce | DEAKIN UNIVERSITY

Coming to Melbourne and settling down wasn’t the easiest thing to do. If it wasn’t for the guidance of my parents and Jeewa education I wouldnt be where I am today. I am very greatfull for the help and mentoring provided my Mr Kolitha and Mrs Sujeewa.

My advice for the first years would be, try to focus on the main objective which is to graduate from a recognised university while helping out your parents with covering your living expenses.

Lavindi Wickramasooriya

Bachelor of Business | UTS

It has been my dream to study and live in Sydney since I was very young. Jeewa Education helped make that dream a reality with their excellent services and guidance throughout the whole process. I came here in 2009 to study Bachelor of Business at University of Technology, Sydney, I enjoyed studying at UTS so much I returned to the same uni in 2013 to study for my Master of Professional Accounting. My experience at UTS was absolutely fantastic, and I would highly recommend this University to anyone interested in studying in Sydney. I would like to thank Jeewa Education for helping me secure a position to study at UTS.

Wasula Kumbukage

Bachelor of Science | QUT

First of all I would like to thank Jeewa Education Centre for providing me the opportunity to study in Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia with 50% worth of Scholarship from the field of Biological Science. The University is simply amazing. Learning in Australia is such a wonderful experience.
Thank you once again for all the support provided by Jeewa Education Centre for helping me to achieve my dreams.

Wasula, a former Lyceum student, is the first successful recipient of the Merit Plus scholarship offering 50 percent tuition fee scholarship.


Master of Teaching (Secondary) with Second Class Honours | DEAKIN UNIVERSITY

How are you doing? I’m writing to you to thank you for the great support and guidance you gave me. This December I will be graduating in Master of Teaching (Secondary) with Second Class Honours. I remember how you encouraged me at my initial step in starting a course.

My major methods are English and TESOL and I was the only international student to teach English as a first language. My mentors appreciated me for my perseverance and bravery and the lesson plans I made for teaching. I went for three placements in two secondary schools in Springvale and Narre Warren. Also my lecturers have appreciated my knowledge of multiculturalism and languages. Now I have registered as a teacher in Victoria and have obtained necessary IELTS score.

I want to thank you and your staff for the great support. I will never forget your contribution and instructions when applying visa for my husband as well. It was a great help at that moment of tension. I would also like to thank your staff for being so considerate and efficient. I always recommend Jeewa Education to whoever asks me about coming to Australia.


Master of Agriculture | UTAS

We are so proud to share a dream story of one of our very successful students.
Maduka Nelangi Wehella was a graduate from University of Tasmania and completed Master of Agriculture in December 2017.
She is currently working for an Agricultural Company in Devonport.
She was also nominated for the community and volunteering award category in Tasmanian young achievers 2018.
We wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Armil Mohamed

Bachelor of Commerce Student | La Trobe University

My name is Armil Mohamed. I am a current high school graduate from Colombo International School Kandy. Jeewa education was brought to my attention by a recommendation of a close friend and I have to say, enrolling myself with their service has been one of my wisest decisions. From the beginning till the retrieval of my visa, i have been provided with close guidance thanks to my agent Nathashiya Wikrama who made this entire procedure convenient and very effective at the same time.

Jeewa education’s enthusiasm is unlike any other. From the arrangement of various university seminars being held to departure briefings, Jeewa has been there to support me through it all. Documentation has never been any simpler due to the client and agent co-ordination. They advice you on precisely what is required which led to my success in obtaining my visa (which took no longer than 8 working days). I would highly recommend this organisation to anyone seeking to go overseas for education and would like to thank Jeewa education and specially my agent Nathashiya Wikrama again for their excellent service along with the support provided to get me to where I am today, a student of La Trobe university, Australia.


PhD Student | RMIT University,

My name is Mayumi S. Silva and I am going to study a PhD at RMIT University, which is one of the best universities in the world. After I received the program and scholarship offers I joined with Jeewa education on recommendation from a friend. Since I had already received both program and scholarship offer letters at that time, Mr. Kolitha Fernando decided to help and guide me free of charge. I am so happy with the free advice and support I received from Jeewa education and even happier when I received my student visa within a week. The whole service was extremely professional, friendly and prompt. They were always there when I had doubts about my application process, they always answered quite fast all email and calls I sent. They helped me to be in touch with the RMIT and application process and always reminded me about my deadlines so I could have my documents on time. They were counseling me not only on education but also on many issues related to living in Australia. I highly recommend Jeewa education center to anyone considering getting help from an education counselor. Ms. Buddhika Ranaweera and Mrs. Dimuthu Hewage were my student advisors at Jeewa education. Ms. Buddhika Ranaweera a counselor at Jeewa education, who helped me during the process of offer acceptance and VISA. I want to appreciate her because of the service she provided is friendly and professional. Not only she can help students to precede offer and VISA process, but also to solve any other kinds of doubts related to the process of studying in Australia. I received help from Mrs. Dimuthu Hewage (branch manager at Battharamulla) on VISA processing. I was impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge on the overseas academic programs. She was extremely helpful and kept in contact with me throughout the whole process, and with her help things really speeded up. After I have received VISA, they explained me about VISA conditions and other things which important me in the future studies at Australia even how to pack luggage, what to pack etc. Not only that, they inform me about their Australian counselor, who will help me in any problem which I will face in Australia. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. I have never been disappointed with my dealings with Jeewa eduction. I do recommend them to anyone I know because they are the best in the business. The expertise of Jeewa eduction crew provide the best support to achieve students’ goal in an easy and friendly way.

Kavishi Dilanka

Bachelor of Engineering | RMIT University

I together with the members of my family wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of Jeewa Education for the assistance given to us in connection with my graduation.
I am most great full to all of you who were with me from the date I decided to go for my bachelors degree.
I am able to achieve my target and finalize all work connected with my send off was due to your committed corporation.
I wish to thank each and every one of you again for the great support you gave me.

Saumya Silva

Master of Practicing Accounting | SWINBURNE University

I have always dreamed of obtaining an international qualification to diversify my academic knowledge and skills. Jeewa Australian Education centre helped me achieve my aspiring dream and made it real. Jeewa did not just help me to find the best University but also all my concerns were addressed and promptly dealt with according to my Profile.
As an Institute of higher Education, Swinburne University also helped me broaden my knowledge beyond their field of studies within a multicultural environment and helped me to obtain three top student awards from the Master of Practising accounting course. I was also given the chance to work as a tutor for the same university.

Himanga Rajapaksha

ICT Network Project Manager
CableNet Wellington Branch | New Zealand

Hi…I am Himanga Rajapaksha, a past student from D.S. Colombo.
I have completed my pathway program through Jeewa Campus and came to NZ to study final year of Diploma in Business Management at Ntec Hastings campus.
Counsellors at Jeewa Education has done a great job in preparing my college admission and visa documents to get me the students visa without any delay. They have also communicated with the campus to arrange the airport pickup and the accommodation.
I was fortunate to get a job even before I complete the Diploma and now I am a New Zealand permanent resident and working as a ICT Network project manager Cable net , Wellington.
I highly recommend Jeewa Education for any student who are willing to study abroad.

Dilini De Silva

Design Manager at Visionstream Pty Ltd
Brisbane Area| Australia

came to Australia in 2004 to study Bachelor of Electronics Engineering at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, and Queensland. I was one of the earlier students who came to Australia through Jeewa Education since it opened at Panadura in 2004. What I loved most about Jeewa Education is their personalized service which is hard to get anywhere else. Every time I visited the center, I was warmly welcomed and provided the special attention. That made me feels that I am not just another student for the Centre. Every staff in the team ensured that each individual student is well looked after and provided all the required information and I had no second thoughts or doubts about their work.